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Social Media Investing


My top recommendation. Over 2.7 billion users are on Facebook monthly, and it's free to create a business page. Facebook ads go to our target audience based on Facebook's algorhythms, and we can determine how much or little we want to spend on ads.


  • Largest audience- all demographics
  • Target audience for ads
  • Easy to "like" and share
  • More likes = higher traffic
  • Free business site
  • Volunteers, community can add to posts and photos

Cons: (very little)

  • Possible unwanted comments from trolls
  • Could get lost in sea of advertising


Second best! Instagram is geared toward Millenials and younger. We will be able to target this motivated, optimistic audience. Personally, I've patroned many businesses from Instagram ads.


  • 1 billion users
  • Easy to like and share, free
  • Free to create a page
  • Since owned by Facebook, it also targets ads to our ideal audience


  • Could get lost in scrolling
  • Necessary to maintain and update with quality content


330 million monthly users, 145 milliion daily users. While technically less usage than the above, twitter is the originator of the "#" and for many it is an excellent source of news and connection. By creating a good handle and hashtag, we could gain publicity and notice from news sources and journalists. Out of the three, this is the most professionally based platform, save a LinkedIn account.


  • Free publicity with "#"s
  • Quick access to news/journalists
  • More professional of the three


  • Limited content within posts
  • Needs to be updated frequently, especially in use engagement and re-tweeting

Honorable Mention: Pinterest

Folks that use Pinterest usually are planning for some event or decorating a room. Translation- they have expendable income and therefore, one hopes, the time/funds to "give back" as well! It's a leap, but worth the exploration.


  • 335 million users
  • Free to create a board
  • Easily shared content between users
  • Trageted ads


  • Must update frequently with new content
  • Harder to link to content and events- not direct link